Sometimes life isn’t pink but a contrasting erdbeergruen.

…but did you know that complementary colors can add depth to an image and contrast can be incredibly attractive?

Well-known artists such as Dalí and van Gogh knew about this effect and implemented it sustainably. Your life is also a picture with the most diverse and expressive colors. Are there any areas of your artwork that you think have become unsightly or even damaged and that you want to rework and redesign?

Regardless of what you personally believe and feel, God sees you as His own beloved image, He rejoices in you* and has already given you the creativity to bring color to this work of art – your life. In my health counseling, I would like to support you in this process and provide you with tools based on a Christian-ethical view about people and the world as well as Individual Psychological insights which you can use for a new beginning. Be creative yourself!

erdbeergrün – Anke Pulverich

* according to Bible, Zephaniah 3:17

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